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Computer Scavenger Hunt 3-16-12


Question 1

List of High Carbohydrate Foods:

List of Simple Carbohydrate Foods:

List of Foods containing Lipids (FATS):

List of Protein Foods:

Foods Containing Nucleic Acids:

Question 2

Why are these nutrients important?:

List of protein types and functions:

Question 3

Types of Carbohydrates:

Types of Fats / Lipids:

Types of Proteins:

Types of Nucleic Acids:

Question 4

Draw macromolecules of Carbhohydrates:

Draw macromolecules o fLipids:

Draw macromolecules of Proteins:

Draw macromolecules of Nucleic Acids:

Question 5

Elements found in Carbohydrates:

Elements found in Lipids:

Elements found in Proteins:

Elements found in Nucleic Acids:

Carbon Based Compounds

Carbon Based Compounds: